How You Can Get Rid of a Payday Loan Nightmare

One of the negative aspects of online payday loans can be what happens when you miss your payment due date and you ‘rollover’ your loan and are hit by additional fees and expenses. These additional fees can make your payoff of the loan even more difficult to do.

Payday Loan Nightmare

Here are some key points that will help you get rid of an online payday loan nightmare.

If you got an online payday loan then you know you have a short time to pay back your loan, usually your next pay date. You should plan your budget to be sure you are prepared for the payback date and are on time doing so. But what happens when you are late on your payment?

If you don’t pay your loan back on time it can negatively affect your credit. Even if you have bad credit there is no reason to make it worse. You want to recover your credit score so paying back on time is a good thing. Here’s what you should consider in order to payback your loan on time.

  • Never take out an online payday loan if you don’t really need the money for an emergency like an unexpected medical bill or auto repair. You can use your payday loan for anything but should only use it for emergency expenses. There are high fees related to these high risk loans so getting one so you can take a vacation is not a good idea.
  • You should understand the terms and conditions of your loan BEFORE you accept it. All lenders will answer questions about your terms and conditions and provide a copy to you. Do not hesitate to ask about them and clarify any points you are unsure of. You have heard the term ‘the devil is in the details’ and this could be true of your agreement. Remember, you are agreeing to those terms so be sure you actually agree. You are not obligated to accept any loan offer.
  • Don’t get more than one payday loan at a time. If possible, contact a previous or existing lender for any changes to your loan or if you need additional funds. In most cases, asking a second lender only makes it more difficult for you.
  • Avoid scams. How? The most obvious scam is someone who calls or emails you directly with a loan offer (often illegally using a name of an honest and reputable lender) and then asking for money upfront from you. These are always a scam. Never, ever send money in advance.
  • Try to pay your loan off early if you can and start rebuilding your credit. This will also make it easier to get a future loan from your lender if you ever need it.
  • If you realize you may not be able to pay off your online payday loan as scheduled, contact your lender immediately and ask if you can pay just the fees and extend the loan. Most lenders will work with you and accommodate a new payment schedule.
  • When you do not make your loan repayment on time it not only affects your credit score, but it just piles up more debt and puts you in a deeper hole. You want to avoid this if possible. So as noted earlier, don’t get a payday loan if you are not certain that you can pay it back on time.

Online payday loans can be a great way to handle an emergency expense and can even help you on the way to improving your credit scores. But be aware of what your commitments are and be sure you are comfortable meeting them.

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