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Sacramento Payday Loans

Sacramento payday loans are short-term loans usually paid back within 1 month and are fee-based loans. Payday loans in Sacramento, CA, are not limited to Sacramento but are available to all Californians. Read more in the next section about the specific laws applying to payday loans in Sacramento.

Everyone in the great state of California can have emergency expenses that they were not expecting. We are here to serve all northern California residents, including the greater Sacramento area.

Perhaps you just had an unexpected medical expense, an urgent auto repair, or utility bill that you must pay, or it will be shut off, and you are short some cash to handle it until your next payday. You can take away that stress with a cash advance in Sacramento, CA.

You have probably already exhausted your credit cards and any other way to get the cash you need fast.

Payday Loan Terms and Conditions in Sacramento, CA

California imposes a $300 amount limit on payday loans in the state. Payday loans in California can be taken for a period of no more than 31 days. The maximum finance charge is 15% for every $100; this means a $300 loan has fees of $45. No additional charges are allowed for an extension of a loan. There are no rollovers allowed. You can have only one outstanding loan at a time. There is a $15 NSF fee allowed for delinquencies.

How do online payday loans in Sacramento work?

The process for online payday loans in Sacramento is quite simple. You take 2-3 minutes and complete the short, online loan request form and submit it. Within seconds you get an answer! If approved, you are connected with your licensed, direct payday lender, who will answer all your questions, review your loan terms and conditions, and deposit your cash to your bank account in one business day. It is not any faster or simpler than that.

Basic requirements for a cash loan in Sacramento, CA

There are 5 basic requirements for obtaining a cash loan in Sacramento, CA, or anywhere in the state. You must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age,
  • Have a source of income. This is the most important part of qualifying for a Sacramento payday loan. Your income source may be regular work payments or another source like an annuity, retirement fund, social security, disability, etc.
  • Have an open bank account. This is needed to deposit your cash into your account for your immediate use.
  • Have a working phone number and email address. Your cell phone is fine and can be used to make your loan request as well as any PC, laptop, or pad. A working phone number and email address are needed to communicate with you about your loan as required by law.
  • Provide proof of ID or residency information. This includes a valid resident address to prevent fraud.

Things to consider before applying for a cash advance loan in Sacramento, CA

You should select a licensed California lender for a cash loan in Sacramento.

State laws protect you from unreliable lenders. That is why the state requires all lenders to be licensed. We are proud of the many lenders we represent you are licensed and follow the guidelines as issued by the state. Every state has different guidelines and laws, so a California licensed direct lender is really a requirement to protect you.

Why choose CashOne for Sacramento payday loans?

CashOne has more than 100 licensed, direct lenders waiting to fulfill your urgent cash needs. We are not a storefront lender. Who wants to drive around to find a storefront wasting valuable time and gas when you can find more than 100 in just a few minutes?

Our service is completing a no-cost, no-obligation service to help you. We use encryption software to protect your information and not resell it to others (like so many of the lenders). We are open 24/7 and 365 days a year. When you need us, we are here. And, we have helped more than 500,000 Americans from coast to coast over the past 15 years, so you know we are a trusted source.


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