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You may be one of many people who need emergency cash right now. Your auto may have broken down, you may have urgent expenses, or maybe a bill that is overdue.

What are local payday loans?

Local payday loans just refer to loans completed in the area you live in. Payday loans are governed by state laws that vary for each state. Check your state website to learn more about your state’s regulations for fees, rollovers, etc.

Things to consider before borrowing local payday loans

Before requesting local payday loans near me, think about all the options you may have to get the cash you need first. Payday loans are fee-based, and the fees can be high. You must pay back payday loans within 30 days in most cases so be sure you can do so before requesting one.

Make sure you have explored all other avenues that may be less costly before requesting a local payday loan. You may have done so already but friends and family, other loan sources, credit cards, etc. may be options to use before asking for a payday loan.

How do local payday loans work?

CashOne refers your local payday loan online request to 100+ quality lenders who are licensed in every state they operate in (most of them). The licensing process varies per state but is a rigorous process that protects consumers and ensures that the fees associated with the loan are within state regulations. This is why we work with licensed lenders.

You complete the loan request form and submit it. It is then processed to lenders in seconds and you get an answer in 10-90 seconds in almost every case. Extremely fast and secure. If approved, you are contacted directly by your lender just as quickly. They go over all the terms and conditions of your loan and, if you agree, process your loan. Funding is normally in 1 business day.

Common eligibility requirements for local payday loans

Lending criteria varies by state because every state has different lending criteria and laws. You can review your state’s lending laws on their website. But here are some lending requirements that are quite common. You should:

  • Be at least 18 years of age or older
  • Have a valid ID or license
  • Have an active bank account
  • Have an email and phone number (cell is just fine)
  • Provide any other information as requested by your lender

How do you repay your local payday loan?

The payday loans online process is simple and easy. You get your money (if approved) directly into your bank account and it is paid back the same way.

Benefits of requesting local payday loans online

It is better to borrow online and here is why.

  • You may not have a car or other transportation. All you need is a smartphone or PC and you can go through the entire process wherever you live.

  • Speed. With an online payday lender, the entire process from the loan request to receiving your cash and even repaying your loan takes place online.

  • You need fast funding. Local payday loans are funded online in 1 business day. Even if you go to a storefront there is no guarantee you will get money right away. The lender must still review your information and go through the same process as you would with an online lender. Save yourself a trip.

  • Save a lot of time driving around from one storefront to another as well as the gas money to do so. Who has 1-2 hours or more to run around only to be rejected or have to wait to get the money?

  • The local payday loan online process is safe and secure and has been in place for many years. And, best yet, your loan request is seen by more than 100 lenders, not one at a time when you drive around.

Why choose CashOne for local payday loans online?

Simple, we have been in business for more than 10 years and have worked hard to find licensed, legitimate lenders to refer you to. There is no cost to you for using our services.

You only pay your loan fees if you are accepted by a lender. And it is fast, secure, and easy to request a loan. We have served over 500,000 customers and look forward to reaching the 1 million mark. Our service has made the difference for so many and we are not an offshore company which you should avoid.

Get a local payday loan with CashOne. It only takes minutes and can be your answer to that emergency cash need you have… RIGHT NOW!


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