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There are times we all struggle to make our monthly payments or even to pay for critical services or things we need. We all get stressed when we are short of cash to meet our basic needs. Where do you get an extra $300 when your car breaks down or you have an immediate medical expense?

Most people have already maxed their credit cards and asked family or friends for a loan, only to strike out. If that is you, consider requesting a safe online payday loan. It can be a great option that can help you pay that debt hanging over your head.

Bad credit? Safe payday loans for bad credit are offered by licensed lenders all the time. Every lender is required to be licensed in any state that allows safe online payday loans. You can check lender information by visiting your state website.

What are safe online payday loans?

Safe online payday loans make sure that all your information is protected. We do this by using secure, beginning-to-end encryption software to protect your information during your loan request (also called SSL). We also only store your information for a short time, and it is stored in a separate, secure location, not on the website. You can see this when you look at our URL and see "HTTPS://". The ‘S’ stands for secure.

We do not resell your data like so many other online companies. We are serious about your privacy and security!

How to qualify for a safe payday loan online?

Unsure if you will qualify for a safe payday loan online? Well, most people do qualify. Bad credit is not an issue because payday lenders are most concerned with your ability to repay the loan and that is directly linked to your income each month. Income data is the most important criteria to qualify for a payday loan. The process is simple and fast. Just complete the short, online loan request form and hit submit. You get an answer in 90 seconds or less almost every time.

To qualify for any payday loan, you usually need:

  • Valid Social Security Number or a Tax ID Number
  • Open Bank account
  • Recent monthly income history
  • Current address and phone number (cell is good)
  • Working email address

Payday loans online are safe, secure, and fast to obtain if you are approved.

How do safe payday loans work?

You complete the online loan request form, often from your cell phone, in just a few minutes and submit it. Then your request is reviewed by our lenders in 90 seconds or less. If approved, you are contacted directly by your lender. In most cases, a lender contacts you in 60 seconds or less, sometimes only 5 seconds. The entire process is fast, safe, and secure.

What makes CashOne a safe online option for payday loans?

CashOne is a trusted resource with many years of service, more than a decade. We have 120+ direct, licensed lenders. We have processed more than 500,000 loan requests while serving people throughout the United States. Unlike storefront lenders, you do not have to drive around to find us wasting your gas and time. With our many trusted direct payday lenders, we increase your odds of approval and do it quickly.

There is not an easier or faster way to request a loan than through CashOne.


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