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How Online Payday Loans Work

Complete our 3 to 5-minute application

Online Payday Loan Process

Our application is easy and confidential. Just provide us with information about you and your job, bank account and references. Depending on lender approval, you'll be qualified for an electronic payday loan up to a $1,000.00 or more. You may need to fax or email your lender some additional supporting information.

Funds deposited directly to your account

Once the loan request is approved, lenders will electronically transfer the funds to your bank account. Not all applications are approved for loans! Depending on your request, you can have funds in your account by the next business day. See your lenders deposit options for specific details.

Funds withdrawn from your account on your due date

Our lenders will provide information about your loan due date. Once your loan has been paid in full, you can make a new loan request.

For all questions before you accept a loan and after you accept your loan, ask your lender! CashOne cannot assist you with questions as every lender may have different terms, conditions, and policies. You are responsible for speaking with your lender to determine if you will accept a loan and if you have any additional questions after you accept a loan. We are not a lender.


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