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Payday Loan Reviews & Testimonials

In today's world, online reviews are often used for reference. Keep in mind that reviews that have complaints about a lender are not something CashOne can control. We are a connecting service and can not control terms, conditions, and policies of any individual lender. We also can not control who is accepted for a loan. We do our best to match every applicant to a lender but some applicants will not be approved for a loan.

Check our satisfied customer's comment on Repugen.

I have been a customer of CashOne since one and half years. I have been taking help for my business with them; I can honestly say that I have never received anything but the best of service from them. They are very professional but at the same time they show excellent customer service.

Because of the pleasing services that I have received from this organization, whenever I find myself in need of additional funds I do not bother to look at anyone else to handle my business. The funds are deposited when they say that it will be and I have never had a reason to doubt them. If they tell me that the funds will be available on a particular date, I am confident that they will be.

- John M.

I have nothing but good things to say about CashOne’s team. They have helped me in such critical situations when I felt suffocated. Being a single mother, it was pretty difficult for me to bear up the expenses for my little kid’s school expenses with my petty salary in the mid of the month. The transparency and customer service that I have received from CashOne has been excellent. They were always prompt in returning my phone calls, emails, etc. I feel greatly privileged being a part of CashOne, even though as a customer. Thanks CashOne for lending more than peace of mind!

- Teresa G.

I really got myself in a fix when my car suddenly broke down. What was worse, I was short on cash and needed funding for repairs immediately. Thanks to CashOne that came to the rescue by providing quick online payday loan! I got funded the required amount in a hassle-free manner and got my car fixed in a day! The payday loan service of CashOne is fast, reliable and gets processed fast. I highly recommend their service to all for getting instant loans.

- Ken L.

CashOne provided me cash in my bank account in just 24 hours when I needed it most. I simply had to fill an request and my loan got approved fast. No hassle of getting it pre-approved! My financial crisis was well taken care of, thanks to CashOne! I got fast approval on my emergency loan with low fees and good service that made the task even easier. I am happy to be their returning customer with their instant, affordable and considerate service.

- Rachel B.

I wanted to thank you for making my first cash advance experience so easy. Your fees are competitive and I am sure that I will make use of your services again. Thanks again.

- Michael R.

Just wanted to thank you for the payment reminder, and to say what a nice service you offer. Your rates are low and you have a very friendly and helpful staff! You have made a loyal customer here, and I have already recommended you to several friends.

- Tieisha B.

CashOne was there for me when I needed extra cash to avoid expensive bank overdraft fees.

- Karen D.

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