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Payday Loans Houston, TX

Do you need a payday loan in Houston, Texas? Maybe you have rent that is due, groceries to buy, a car to repair, utility bills that are overdue, a medical bill, or some other urgent expense, and you just don’t have the cash right now.

Payday loans are not for everyone but can be a real help in times of need. Everyone has occasional bumps to get over, and online payday loans in Houston are the fastest way to get over them.

Payday Loan Terms and Conditions in Houston, TX

Texas has two kinds of payday loans: single payment (due within one month) and installment loans (due within 6 months).

Houston has adopted the local standards that most cities in Texas are using. Key points are:

  • Payday loan lenders must have a license in the city
  • Lenders are required to keep a record of every loan transaction
  • Amount of loan (including fees) cannot exceed 20% of the borrower’s gross monthly income
  • No more than 4 installments/payments and 3 rollovers

Other conditions include a Minimum Loan Term of 7 days and a Maximum Loan Term of 180 days. Finance charges are $10 + $4 per month for each $100 of the loan. Terms may vary based on the length of a loan, e.g., longer-term installment loans may cost less.

Basic requirements to apply for online payday loans in Houston

The basic requirements for getting payday loans in Houston online are:

  • You must have a bank account (in your name).
  • You must be 18 years of age or older and have ID or proof of residency.
  • You will need a working phone number so your lender can speak to you (cell is good).
  • You will need an email address.
  • You should have a recent monthly income of $1,000 or more.

There may be other information required depending on the amount you request and the information you provide. Your direct payday lender will help you with understanding any information needed.

Payday loans in Houston are common, and low or bad credit is not a hindrance to requesting a loan or gaining loan approval. There are no hard credit checks when requesting a payday loan in Houston.

How online payday loans in Houston, Texas work?

Online payday loans in Houston, TX are the fastest and easiest way to get emergency cash. The process is fast, easy, and secure. Here are the steps. Just complete the short loan request form and submit it. This should only take you 1-3 minutes from your smartphone, pad, or PC.

You will get an answer in under 90 seconds, often less than 30 seconds. Over 80% of those requesting a payday loan online are approved. This is because we refer you to more than 100 lenders. If you are approved, the lender is connected directly to you in 5-90 seconds. You can expect to take 15 minutes or so to go over your loan terms and conditions, get all your questions answered, and complete your loan. Your cash is deposited into your bank account in one business day.

Need cash the same day in Houston, Texas? Although this is not common, ask your lender if it is possible. Usually, you will have to request your loan very early on a weekday for there to be any possibility of a same-day deposit.

Payday Loan Lenders in Houston: How CashOne is different?

Our payday loan direct lenders comply with the rules and regulations and are licensed as required by law. CashOne has been assisting Houston residents for more than 15 years, and over 500,000 Americans coast to coast. Payday loans in Houston online are the most common kind. No one wants to drive around wasting time and gas finding a single storefront when they can be in front of more than 100 lenders all at once.

Our service is available 24/7, 365 days a year. We use the latest SSL encryption technology to secure your sensitive information. And, unlike other services, we delete your data within 30 days. Others resell your data, leaving you open to ongoing sales pitches.


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