How Women Are Dealing with the Stress in Their Personal Finance

A rise in the number of female entrepreneurs, and women taking more control of their financial circumstances are the two foremost reasons for the increase in the number of women seeking for financial advice from experts. A study by Investec Wealth & Investment found that women accounted for 40% of all the IFA (International Financial Advisers) clients in 2012, but 47% of new clients gained over the past two years.

Women dealing with personal finance

In fact, if we look at some latest data on how people are availing easy credits such as online payday loans, it points out towards an upward trend of women coming upfront in availing help without any hesitation. This shows a confidence in their ability to manage their personal finance, and in their money management skills which puts them in a comfortable position when it's about sourcing new avenues of resources.

How Payday Loans Are Helping

It's an obvious situation to sometimes lose control on the inflow and outflow of money. Emergencies like a health condition, a kitchen or roof repair, the loss of job, etc., aren't always expected but they keep hitting us from time-to-time. That's life! However, the situation can become grave if you don't have a backup. Talking about backups, it's imperative to point out here that women are thought to be more likely efficient in that. And they are proving it so! Of the huge number of clients who reach us for availing easy online payday loans, women form a big percentage in the pie chart.

How payday loans help women Here's an insight on the kind of traffic we get for our payday loan service, and the part that women form in them:
  1. Of the total traffic that we received in the last three months, 36.8% came from women users
  2. Women form 63% of all the forms filled up for availing payday loans. This shows that women are more certain about the choices they make while managing their financial affairs
  3. Of all the applications that came from women, 82% were from women of age between 25 to 44 years
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