Top 7 Websites That Can Help With Your Finances

Taking care of your finances can be a big challenge, and if you’re doing it all on your own it can feel like a monumental task. Even if you have a partner and some help, you can feel like you’re fighting an uphill battle each and every day when you come to work.

However, managing your money isn’t supposed to be completely exhausting, and even if you feel like you aren’t reaping the rewards, you can fix it. Technology is one of the best things to help you do that these days.

Websites That Can Help With Your Finances

When it comes to managing your money there are a variety of websites and technologies that can help. Use this list of the top 7 websites to help you get started:

  1. Kiplinger

    Kiplinger deals with all sorts of financial news, but they’re most beneficial to individuals for their news about things like gold and silver prices. If you buy commodities or have your money tied up in them in some way, you need to be reading Kiplinger pretty much every day.

    It’s also a good resource for beginners since they have lots of easy to understand information when it comes to trading.

  2. CNN Money

    CNN is a trusted news outlet, and for most people, one that walks the middle ground between conservative and liberal. The information is one you can trust and is unbiased.

    For people who invest in the stock market or in up and coming businesses, CNN Money is a website that needs to be bookmarked. You’ll get unique updates on businesses and the business world as a whole each and every day.

  3. The Street

    The Street was founded by The Wall Street Journal, and I think everybody reading this is familiar with that major publication. Like WSJ, The Street deals with broad financial trends, so it’s a great place to get your information if you don’t read tons of specific websites.

    You’ll want to bookmark The Street and start your reading for the day there. Once you find something that piques your interest you can dig a little bit deeper on other more pointed websites.

  4. Smart Money

    Another affiliate of The Wall Street Journal, Smart Money is a website that that deals mostly with mutual funds, investment funds, and stocks. However, unlike The Street, Smart Money is written for more experienced traders and professionals, so it’s a wonderful resource for people who are interested in the details without reading lots of editorial information.

    Even if you’re not a professional you can still get something from Smart Money though at least as long as you’re willing to do your homework and dig deep into financial issues they present.

  5. This Is Money

    Based in the UK, This Is Money is a top website for basic financial news though they do tend to focus more on the tech and big business sector than a lot of other financial news sites. However, if you invest in those or have your money in tech or manufacturing that certainly isn’t a bad thing, now is it?

    Follow This Is Money for regular updates on the UK financial world. It can be very beneficial to know what’s going on in the UK even if you live in the US since they are a major world power when it comes to finances.

  6. Bloomberg

    Most people are familiar with the Bloomberg TV channel that gives financial news and information pretty much around the clock. The Bloomberg site does basically the same thing and offers a wise, unbiased look at the world of finance.

  7. Seeking Alpha

    Seeking Alpha is a different type of website than many on this list in that it’s sort of like a news aggregator for the financial world. While that might seem hard to deal with, you can actually get lots of great information on Seeking Alpha in an easily digestible format.

    Like many other websites on this list, you can move to a more focused website to read more about an issue once you’re aware of it. Seeking Alpha is a great place to start your morning financial reading.


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