Top 6 Tips to Get Out of Debt and Save Money

Saving up while also getting out of debt may seem like an impossible task. But, I can assure you it's easier than you think. Here are top 6 tips you should consider to get out of debt and save money as well:

Money Saving

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  1. Pay More Than the Minimum If you have loans or credit cards, never just pay the minimum. Paying a higher amount is going to get it paid off quicker. Some credit cards charge you interest if you just pay the minimum. It’s sort of a sneaky way for them to get more money from you.

  2. Always Pay on Time Again, if you have credit cards, school loans or anything else with a due date, make sure you pay it on time because there will be a late fee if you don't, which will put you further in the hole and damage your credit.

  3. Used Cars If you need a new car, consider getting a used one rather than a brand new one. Later down the line when you have better credit and money saved, you can get a new one, but right now saving money is imperative.

  4. Coupon Cutters! Make sure that when you go grocery shopping that you are using coupons whenever possible, and shopping on days when they have sales. Also, off brand names for most items are 70% cheaper than the brand name when they taste, look, and feel the same as big brands. Check out toilet paper, toothpaste, food items, contact solution and more that are off brand names.

  5. Get a Second Job If you really want to get rid of debt, get another job and use your second jobs' paychecks only for debt. This is a great way to aggressively reduce debt and pay off your bills.

  6. Create a Spending Plan A spending plan gives you an allowance of how much you will spend on things like groceries, clothes, fun stuff (movies, restaurants) in a month's time. The tip here is to follow along with it as much as you can. People that create spending plans don't want to disappoint themselves and feel guilty so they tend to stick with them!

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