Get Online Payday Loans in Texas for Your Emergencies

Many Texans need emergency cash to cover unexpected expenses. Maybe your car broke down you don’t have enough money to fix it, but you can’t get to work without it. That’s an emergency for anyone! If facing any such crisis, you can easily request for a payday loan online in Texas and can get the cash deposited to your account within one business day.

Online Payday Loans in Texas

Basic Requirements for Online Payday Loans in Texas

As with most states, to qualify for online payday loans in Texas, you must meet a few basic requirements. You should:

  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Be a U.S. citizen
  • Be a permanent resident of the state
  • Have an active checking account
  • Have steady employment for at least three months

Rules and Regulations for Online Payday Loans in Texas

There are several laws related to online payday loans in Texas direct lenders. Here are a few of the most important guidelines:

  • Lenders can offer up to $1,000 for Texas payday loans 
  • The loan amount may depend on the value of the applicant’s next check and other factors
  • For loans more than $100, the fees can be $10 + $4/month for each $100 
  • Rollovers are not allowed. A rollover is a way to extend the loan for additional fees
  • The maximum repayment term depends on the amount of the loan
  • You may have more than one loan at a time


Benefits of Online Payday Loans for People of Texas

Most people suffer emergency expenses occasionally. Usually, this is because of emergencies that no Texan can predict. You may have a medical emergency, or you are in a bind because your credit is bad, and you can’t get a loan of any type.

One of the great things about online payday loans is that you can get cash fast - no weeks or months of waiting to find out if you are approved. Payday lenders can give you an answer in just a couple of minutes after you submit your loan request. Emergency cash loans are fast, safe, and secure.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Online Payday Loans in Texas


Are payday loans legal in Texas?

Yes, and you can get from $100 to $1,000 for an online payday loan in Texas.

What happens if you don't pay back a payday loan in Texas?

You may be charged an NSF fee of up to $35 and your account may be turned over to collections. No criminal charges can be filed. You should only take out an online payday loan if you intend to pay it back on the date agreed to with your lender. If you may have trouble paying it back on time, immediately contact your lender to work out a new payment plan. There may be additional fees associated with a new loan or payment plan.

Is there a statute of limitations on payday loans in Texas?

There is no current information about a statute of limitations in Texas.

Where can I get my payday loan right now?

Simple, just submit your loan request now at CashOne.





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