Cyber Monday Deals 2020: All You Need to Know

As we head into fall, we prepare for some of the biggest discounts of the season. Cyber Monday 2020 is set for November 30th this year, the first Monday after Thanksgiving. You can expect big numbers from online sales as yearly increases have become commonplace.

This year sales will happen throughout the holiday season as online sellers are trying to anticipate the surges in activity so they can deliver everything on time.

Cyber Monday Deals 2020

When do Cyber Monday deals start?

This year’s Cyber Monday will be on November 30th. Many sellers will start their discounts the weekend before, like on Black Friday, and continue them through Monday or the week after. Many techs and toy items will be on sale, but clothing and kitchen items are also hot sellers.

What are the best Cyber Monday deals?

Cyber Monday is the biggest day of online shopping. Most retailers including Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, and others will feature big price reductions for many of their items. You will see big discounts on product models that are being replaced with new versions. One example would be a new Apple Watch or a PS4 gaming console. The best deals are the ones you believe give you the most value. If you are looking for a specific item search it online to see the offers and select the best deal from a familiar company.

What store has the best Cyber Monday deals?

No one store has all the best deals, but you can count on every major retailer having a lot of specials and killer deals. Of course, online the leader is Amazon and they have already listed a ton of special deals and even had an early ‘Cyber Monday’ event but there will be more specials coming as well as extensions of previous ones.

When will Cyber Monday deals post? How to find the best deals?

Normally they start on Black Friday but this year every seller will have different start times. So, check out your favorite online and retail stores, or just do a Google search for Cyber Monday deals and you will find a lot of them.

How long do Cyber Monday deals last?

This depends on the seller. Some deals may last until Christmas but generally, there is an expiration date for every sale. Many Cyber Monday 2020 deals will expire at the end of the day, but some will be extended a week or two. Even others may be offered a second time right before Christmas.

Online Shopping Tips to Avoid Cyber Frauds

Always use only known brands or websites and be sure you are not using a link from an email or something similar to get to the shopping site. Many fraudsters use email links that go to fake websites that can fool you and they are just stealing from you. Go directly to Amazon or Walmart or Dell or other sites to do your shopping.

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