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Is a Double-Dip Recession Possible in 2013?

For the first time since 2007, investors are seeing major stock indices reaching new highs in the market. These new highs have managed to generate a lot of excitement and enthusiasm amongst investors. And it is not surprising, considering that after a long time Dow...

5 Myths of Home Loans

Dispelling the myths about home loans is important, especially because certain false assumptions can convince you not to get the loan that you actually need to buy your dream house.

Home loan myths

Are We Really Economically Independent on this Independence Day?

Notably, since November of 2001, economic recovery in the US has been weaker than ever in the entire postwar period. There is evidence all over to show for this. First, inflation levels have soared over the past few years. The household income in general has been...

Saving Money in a Tough Economy

The tough economy (yes, it’s still tough) is forcing people to think outside the box. With jobs drying up and money running out people are coming up with ways to hold on to what they have. Doing this involves cutting back on things we thought we needed.

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