6 Super Easy Ideas to Save Money This Summer

Changes in season are always expensive. Not only do they seem to demand a completely new wardrobe but they bring increased utility bills, either to keep your house warm or cool it down. Once you've factored in living expenses, you might be wishing for summer long backyard weather just so you can stay in swimwear and save money, too.

However, a combination of spending smart and equally clever saving can give you a luxury summer at a bargain-basement price.

Summer Savings

Stretch every cent with these 6 super easy ideas to save money this summer:

  1. Swap your wardrobes Invite your friends to bring last summer's wardrobe over to your house and exchange items that you've grown tired of wearing but which are brand new to someone else. You'll get a whole new wardrobe for summer without spending a dime.

  2. Become a coupon queen You may not end up in the league of the super savers that can swipe several hundred dollars’ worth of groceries through the checkout and walk away with change from a $20.00 but look out for bulk deals on items you use frequently.

  3. Get crafty I Still bored with those new clothes? Break out the sewing machine and remake them. Change buttons and alter sleeve and hem lengths to make garments this season. Don't like the color? Buy machine dyes and have a toning wardrobe in colors that work for you.

  4. Get crafty II Has your garden furniture been exposed to the harsh elements? Wooden tables and chairs will benefit from a little TLC. Sand them down and either repaint them or use a coat of varnish to maximize the natural grain.

  5. Sell your junk One man's trash is another man's treasure so empty your garage and hold a yard sale.

  6. Ditch expensive sodas Buy a good filter jug to improve the flavor of your tap water and if you're still craving for taste, slice cucumber or lemon into your glass.


Robin Williams

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