2014 Wedding Planning: 5 Money Saving Tips

Planning a 2014 spring wedding and need to keep it on par with your predetermined budget? No problem, there are several money saving tips you can use right now to make sure that your wedding is memorable and wonderful without the big price tag! Here is a list of wedding planning tips that won't break the bank:
  1. Look for alternative venues. While a wedding in a gorgeous, grand venue is what most brides dream of, sometimes it can be impractical and too much money. Weddings in alternative venues such parks can be just as beautiful. This also means you don't have to compete for certain dates at higher end venues because of their popularity with other brides. Instead that money can be spent on the honeymoon or your first house together.
  2. Avoid the busiest days for weddings. One of the busiest days happens to be Saturday, especially during the spring or summer time. While it is the most convenient to have a wedding on a Saturday, there is still Fridays and Sundays to consider. Also, the cheapest days for a wedding are typically Mondays and Wednesdays. How much can you save? Weekday weddings are normally 40% less than their weekend counterparts.
  3. Package wedding deals. For the best use of your wedding dollars it is encouraged to find a "package wedding" deal that has all inclusive services to make your special day easier to coordinate. Food, drinks and even venue costs can be added into these packages if you're looking to save some serious cash.
  4. It's not a competition. Lastly, remember that your wedding isn't an opportunity to be a competition with other weddings! Don't feel the need to "one up" other friends weddings as this is your special day with someone you love dearly, surrounded by friends and family. Make it memorable on your own terms while also being able to save money.

Robin Williams

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