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A reputable company you should contact for your cash needs, CashOne provides a referral service for those seeking cash advance loans up to $1,000 with fast approval and flexible payment options. So, if you have a short-term crunch and need cash, all you need to do is simply fill out the online request form with a few basic details about yourself, your job and salary, and you really can have cash in your bank account within one business day (in most cases).

With options like 'Standard One Business Day Service' to take care of your specific needs, our lenders get you the cash when you need it. See why CashOne online cash advances are among the fastest and safest cash advance loans available in the market!

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All requests are submitted to our more than 100+ lenders for review and possible approval. Not all requests are accepted. Reasons for denial vary by lender and are not in the control of CashOne. Do not contact us for reasons for denial as we are unable to provide these. If approved, ask your lender any questions you may have about your terms and conditions. You are not obligated to accept any loan offered to you. We are not a lender.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Cash Advance Loans

Where can I get a cash advance?

You can get cash advance online at CashOne. CashOne provides cash advance loans from $100 up to $1,000 with fast approval and flexible payment options.

How do you get approved for a cash advance?

Getting approved for a cash advance loan at CashOne is very simple. You just need to complete our short 3-minute loan request form. If your request is approved and we find a suitable lender for you, money will be directly transferred into your bank account in the next 24 hours.

Does cash advance do credit checks?

Online cash advance at CashOne does not require any credit check. Just make sure that you fulfill all the requirements and you are going to use the loan amount for your cash emergency.

What documents do I need for a cash advance?

When requesting for cash advance loans, you need the following documents:

  • recent paycheck stub(s), proof of employment
  • VOID personal check, if available
  • current utility bill or similar bill with your name and address
  • valid state issued driver's license or identification card
  • valid social security card

Is a cash advance bad for your credit?

Cash Advance is a short term loan from an alternate lender. There are different kinds of cash advances based on the providers like credit card cash advance, merchant cash advance, and payday loan cash advance.

Taking out a payday loan cash advance won’t have any real effect on your credit or credit score, but they come with fees and high interest rates. You can borrow $100 to $1,000 cash advance online by just completing a 3-minute online loan request form. It is one of the best short term solutions for your financial emergencies if you use it only when you have to, and, are sure you can make the planned repayment.

How can an online company provide a cash advance?

If you are wondering how an online lending company can provide you the cash advance you need instantly, here it is: They don’t provide you the actual cash in your hand.

In online lending terms, online cash advance usually refers to a short term loan that is quickly deposited directly to your checking account, after your request is approved. You don’t have to wait to get a decision or worry about your credit score for lending cash advances online.

Is a Cash Advance like a Payday Loan?

A cash advance can also refer to payday loans, which can be issued by special payday lenders. You can borrow a variable amount from $100 to $1,000 or more online by just completing an online payday loan request form. These loans are meant for extremely short terms to avoid higher interest rates or additional fees. They must be paid back on your next payday, unless you wish to extend the loan, and in that case, additional fees are charged. So, it is not recommended you extend or rollover your payments.

Note: We are a referral source with more than a decade of service and 100+ direct lenders in our network to refer you to.


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