Work from Home Jobs for Retirees

Many retirees are finding it hard to live off of social security or pensions to make ends meet. More seniors than ever are in the workforce with many taking part-time jobs at retailers like Walmart. But there are work from home jobs for retirees with flexible hours that allow them to work from their homes and earn extra money every month. These remote jobs are attractive because there is no need for transportation and the expenses associated with it.

Work from Home Jobs for Retirees

Below are 9 jobs that retirees can consider and work from home. Depending on the person’s background, there may be other opportunities to explore but many of these positions require little to no training. They do require a laptop or desktop computer and some operational knowledge. Many communities provide free computer training to help retirees in getting work from home jobs.

Here are the 9 work from home job opportunities for retirees:

  1. Bookkeeping

    Bookkeepers help a business manage accounts and payroll. Bookkeeping can usually be done on a part-time or full-time basis, depending on the company’s needs. The typical pay is around  $20 an hour. It is a good work from home for a retired person position.

    However, it is not for everyone as knowledge of accounting is normally required. But if you have that it is worth exploring.

  2. Blogger

    Anyone can start a blog and there are numerous online resources on how to do it successfully. It does not matter what your background is. Start the blog about something you are passionate about (and maybe have experience or expertise in) and go from there. You can work when you want and as much as you want. It does take some time to get going but you can earn a fairly good income each month once you are established. This can be good work at home job for seniors.

  3. Coach

    If you have experience in business aspects, fitness, nutrition, etc. you can help others or other businesses to improve their performance and achieve their goals. You can set up a free website about your skills and knowledge and charge by the hour. Depending on your expertise, your income can be substantial. The hourly fees charged will vary substantially but a fitness coach might be charging $50 an hour or more.

  4. Consultant

    If you have successful business experience, you can consult with companies large and small to improve their performance, set new goals, solve problems, and so on. Most consultants charge at least $50 an hour.

  5. Customer Service Representative

    There is always a need for customer service personnel to answer emails/web inquiries as well as incoming calls. Many companies will train you for free about their products and services so you can answer questions from consumers or provide customer support for problem issues. These positions often pay $15-20 per hour.

  6. Online Instructor

    If you were ever a teacher, you can provide instruction for online schools in the subjects you know or even become a tutor to younger students who need help in a particular subject(s).

  7. Proofreading / Data Entry

    To be a proofreader, you will need a good eye and excellent language skills, but a good proofreader may earn more than a data entry person. Data entry can be tedious but often pays around $15 an hour and usually has flex hours so you do not get overwhelmed or burned out.

  8. Transcription

    A transcriptionist is one who types out recorded conversations. Reasonable typing speed is needed but accuracy is far more important. If you have special knowledge, e.g. medical terminology, you can earn more. Either way, you can work flex hours and make as much as you want. This job can also be tedious, so it is not for everyone.

  9. Virtual Assistant

    Virtual assistants do administrative tasks depending on the needs of the hiring person or company. You may be answering phone calls, making calls, setting appointments, arranging travel, managing email accounts, or other tasks as needed. Many people earn $20 an hour as virtual assistants. You should be familiar with word processing, but other skills can be valuable today such as knowledge of social media or WordPress websites. Your value per hour can exceed $50 an hour with this extra knowledge.

If retirees find themselves in a tough situation where they need immediate assistance, they may want to consider a short term or payday loan to cover urgent expenses. You do need some form of consistent income of at least $1,000 a month from your retirement funds, pension, annuity, or social security. These loans are not for everyone but can help those in emergency situations. Never take out such a loan without being certain you can repay it when it is due.



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