Unusual Facts About Presidents Day

The United States of America celebrates Presidents’ Day every year on the third Monday in February. This day commemorates the birthdays of Abraham Lincoln and George Washington who were both born in February. Here are some interesting facts about this special day and the past Presidents of the U.S. that you may not be aware of:
  • The common name for this holiday is Presidents’ Day. However, its official name is Washington’s Birthday. A bill was proposed in 1968 to change the name of the holiday to “Presidents’ Day”.
  • The only American President to date who has not lived in the White House is George Washington. This is because the structure was completed only after he left Office.
  • It was only in 1971 when President Richard Nixon declared that the third Monday of February would honor all Presidents of the U.S. that the day started being called Presidents’ Day.
  • State Government employees in New Mexico have something to cheer about this celebration. It is a paid holiday for them.
  • Did you know that George Washington did not belong to any political party because he was against them? Also Abraham Lincoln was a member of the Whig Party before the Republican Party was formed.
  • Out of all the past presidents Abraham Lincoln has the honor of being the tallest at 6’ 4”. George Washington was also quite tall at 6’ 2”.
  • While many people have the misconception that Lincoln was born in Illinois, he actually was born in Kentucky in Hardin County. However, he started his political career from Illinois when in 1834 he was elected the State Assemblyman
  • There are 31 counties in the United States named after George Washington and 17 countries to honor Abraham Lincoln.
  • The Lincoln Memorial stands at 99 feet and has a 19-foot statue of Abraham Lincoln while the Washington Memorial is 555 feet and has a statue of 5 1/8 inch.

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