Spend Love Not Money: Gift Ideas for a Sweet Relationship

Valentine's Day is fast approaching! Most people try to spend as much money as possible in order to surprise their loved one and show that they love them but small tokens and gestures of love are always much more sentimental in value. Here are gifts for both men and women that are inexpensive but thoughtful.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Women

  • One of a kind jewelry. Instead of going straight to the expensive jewelry store in the mall, try finding a small jewelry business on Etsy that really clicks with her personality.

  • Create an at-home spa day. If your woman loves to be pampered but usually doesn't have the money (or maybe the funds), then bring the spa day to her on Valentine's Day. Run the bath, get her favorite bottle of wine, and let her unwind.

  • DIY gift basket. Get her favorite snacks, drinks, candies, and other little knick-knacks to make up a personalized gift basket that she will absolutely love.

  • Smart and inexpensive technology. If your significant other is a tech geek, there are all sorts of gadgets out there for under $20 that can make for a practical but great Valentine's Day gift. From wireless chargers to light up coffee mugs, you'll be able to find something.

Valentines Day Gift Ideas

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Valentine's Day Gifts for Men

  • DIY movie night. For the movie buff in your life, what better way to show you care than bringing the movie theater to him right at home? You can create a "movie night" gift basket that the both of you can enjoy.

  • Personalized treats basket. Does your man love coffee? Maybe he has a preferred snack. This is the perfect opportunity to create a goodie bag full of new coffees he can try or snacks that he would definitely like.

  • A durable wallet. There is a special type of wallet called the Mighty Wallet that is incredibly durable and under $20. If your spouse is always going through wallets, this might just be the solution.

  • An effective multi tool. These have become quite popular and there are even ones that can fit into a wallet very easily. It is practical but also a great gift that can be found for under $20.

These gifts are sure to be great hits with your significant other. Nobody should feel pressured to buy something expensive on Valentine's Day when a gift with actual thought behind it is better.

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