Shop Smart: 9 Mobile Apps for Shopping Discounts and Deals

With tough financial times still biting hard, squeezing every penny until it screams has become a fine skill. Whether you're a coupon clipper, or research your purchases online until you find the best deal, if you're not using the smartphone in your pocket or purse to help you out further, you could be missing the best shopping discounts around. Here are nine of the most impressive mobile apps for deal hunting:

Money Saving Apps

  1. Groupon: Probably the most well-known cross-platform app, Groupon works on offering local deals to users, and can be easily-tailored to your own preferences.
  2. LivingSocial: Similar to Groupon, Living Social offers discounts of up to 90%, and gives you the opportunity to make purchases straight from your smartphone.
  3. Shop Advisor: Like to make lists of what you want to buy? Then Shop Advisor is for you. Watch your products, and get notifications when they reach the price you want to pay.
  4. Google Shopper:You already use Google for basically everything web related, so why not use it for price check too? Available on iOS and Android both, Google Shopper will pull together prices, pictures, and crucially, customer reviews to help you make purchasing decisions.
  5. Amazon Price Check:One of the best things about the customer-driven reviews on has always been the ability to make informed choices. Shopping options include Amazon and Amazon partners.
  6. Shop Savvy:With so many of our real-world shopping experiences being barcode-driven, Shop Savvy's accurate scanner and QS code reader will present you with the best deals online and in store.
  7. The Coupons App:Clipping physical coupons has been a proven money-saver in your shopping life for some time, so why not take that experience mobile, with locally-driven deals which you can even share with family and friends on social media.
  8. Decide:Stuck? Easily done. Even if you know what you want, the choice of brands and deals can be daunting. Use Decide to make decisions based on the experiences of others.
  9. eBay:The original and best. Not strictly a shopping app, eBay has long been the place to pick up what you want for less.

Robin Williams

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