Protect Your Financial Information: Be Extra Vigilant

Online financial tools and apps such as mobile banking apps have made it easier to manage the financial tasks. However, they have also made your sensitive financial information vulnerable to online thefts and frauds. You should take proper measures and precautions to protect your online financial information.

Here are some tips to help you protect your financial information and prevent identity theft:

  • Use ATMs and gas pumps in well-lit, secure locations.
  • Examine the card reader slot and surrounding areas to see if anything looks out of place, mismatched, or loose.

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  • Consider using a credit card not linked to your bank account to avoid compromising your PIN or cash flow, and to gain other consumer protections.

  • Check your bank and credit card statements frequently to watch for fraudulent activity and report any unfamiliar activity immediately.

  • If you're on a public Wi-Fi network like one at a coffee shop or other public place, take these precautions.
    • Turn Off Sharing
    • Get a VPN
    • Avoid automatic connecting to Wi-Fi Hotspots
    • Use SSL
    • Use Two-Factor Authentication
    • Confirm the Network Name
    • Protect Your Password
    • Turn on Your Firewall
    • Run Anti-Virus Software
  • Look for signs of an encrypted website when providing sensitive personal information such as credit card, banking information, or SSNs online; key identifiers include a website address for the website's login page that begins with "https" and a padlock icon in your browser status bar.

  • Do not open links or attachments in unsolicited emails from any person or vendor you do not know.

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Robin Williams

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