Planning Your House

You can divide planning your house into two segments – buying a new house or renovating your existing one. Let’s discuss these points separately.

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  1. Planning to buy a new house: Is it your first house or you are planning to move to some other city? Maybe you are getting a new job or you wish to shift to some other place which is safer and has better environment; maybe you wish to move to some other city which has better schooling facility for your children. In any case, your first priority is to decide the location. Selection of right location can save you a lot of future botherations. Next, you must ensure the house you plan to buy meets your space requirement because inadequate accommodation will not suit you, even if you like the area. Third and the most important point is the cost of the new house. House you plan to buy should cost you less than your total budget so that you can meet the cost of essential modification/alteration within your budget. Don’t overlook to ascertain the resale value of the house in case the need arises in the future. Careful consideration of all these points before actually buying a new house will be the right house planning for you.

  2. Renovating your existing house: Maybe you are planning to renovate your existing house to match with your changing taste and lifestyle. You might like considering following areas in your house planning:

    1. Design: A middle class small family normally needs a traditionally built house with 2-3 bedrooms, a kitchen, drawing/dining room, one or two bathrooms, a store and a balcony. A garage is an essential requirement. If you plan to make some modifications to your existing house design, there are many options available. It is a major investment and it depends on your taste and lifestyle and, of course, if your budget allows this expenditure. A professional architect can suggest some sleek and eco-friendly designs which can make your present house look more elegant.

    2. Light is an important utility for every house. Proper lighting arrangement reflects your taste and lifestyle. Light is an essential requirement to illuminate your house and make the residents move freely in every corner of the house, particularly in night hours.  Lights add to the overall beautification of the house. Different styles of lights are available in the market. You can choose which one is most suitable for your needs and taste.

    3. Kitchen: Most important area in any house where every housewife would like to have her final say. A modern and sleek design can make your smallest kitchen look attractive. An intelligent planning will help you accommodate all your essential appliances and utensils even in your small sized kitchen.

    4. Furniture: Furniture is essential part of every household. You need appropriate furniture in every room – bedrooms, drawing/dining room and kids’ room. There is a variety of furniture available in the market, in different shapes and designs to suit individual taste and budget. Wooden furniture is the best choice since it gives an ethnic and sophisticated look. Wooden furniture is much durable in comparison to furniture made of mill-board with mica-top. Wooden furniture may cost more but they are worth it.

You may think of some more areas where your careful thinking can help planning a beautiful and comfortable house for you and family.


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