Payday Loans for Disabled People - Things to Know

Unfortunate accidents and circumstances can happen at any time. You may find yourself facing a period of disability due to a work-related accident or unexpected medical emergency. Most people don’t have the money to deal with these unexpected expenses and need help immediately. Banks and traditional lending institutions are not set up for “quick” loans and do not lend to those with any previous credit problems. They just won’t provide a loan for disabled persons with bad credit.

Payday Loans on Disability

The reason they reject these loan situations is they are worried about your ability to repay them. Payday lenders also have this concern but are used to lending to people with poor credit who are in tough situations.

And, if you are approved, a payday loan is often in your bank account in one (1) business day.

If you plan to request a short term disability loan, you should find the best potential solution for you. Look for a trusted payday loan referral source that will show your loan request to a large number of lenders, in seconds, so you get an answer fast! is a proven resource to consider using. If you are approved, a lender contacts you directly and answers your questions as well as explains the terms and conditions of your loan. Not every person who requests a loan is approved. You should never apply to multiple websites or even lending stores. This will almost always result in automatic rejection from all the lenders.


Lenders often consider factors like your employment history, your actual monthly income, and other things. Never get a payday loan if you will be unable to pay it back on the due date you agree to. You will suffer from increased fees and will further damage your credit.

Payday Loans Can Help with Disability Kind of Expenses

Payday loans can be used for anything you want them for, but it is wise to only use them for emergency situations like accidents, medical emergencies, or other unexpected expenses. Payday loans online may help ease the burden of your initial expenses while you wait for your disability income to begin.

Find out how long it will take to get your disability payments started, and budget correctly to avoid any additional problems with a short term disability loan.

If you are already receiving disability payments, you may still be eligible for a payday loan for disabled people. But there may be restrictions or limitations for your loan. Keep in mind that every state has different laws related to short term payday loans. Check your state’s website to learn more.

Sometimes you are in a situation where your disability has caused you to have a significant financial burden that a payday loan will not fully cover. Payday loans do not exceed $1,000 and are usually between $100 to the maximum $1,000. An installment loan can be much larger but does require better credit history and other criteria. You can consider it if you qualify.

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