Mother’s Day: 6 Thrifty Gifts from the Heart

You don't have to break the bank to give Mom a great gift for Mother's Day. This year put a little extra thought and effort into a present so that your mom feels special whether or not you spend a lot of money on the gift.

  1. Photo gifts. Most moms love to have pictures of their children and grandchildren displayed around the house or at their office. In the age of digital photography, you most likely already have a wealth of photos to use. Consider decorating a photo frame for your mom or creating a personalized photo album just for her!

  2. Mother's Day Gift Ideas
  3. A meal. There is nothing better than a meal that you don't have to cook yourself. Think about the meal that Mom would enjoy the most on Mother's Day. Would she love the surprise of waking up to a homemade breakfast or would she prefer to eat a fancy dinner with the whole family?

  4. Help at home. Offer to help Mom out at home with some of her least favorite chores for the day or even the next week. Getting a break from vacuuming the carpet in a large house or keeping up with the laundry for four kids provide the relaxation that many moms need.

  5. An indulgence. Is there an item or an experience that your mom loves but won't splurge on for herself very often? It can be something as simple as a bottle of her favorite wine or a day at the spa. If you cannot afford a whole spa day, recreate the experience at home with homemade bath products and relaxing music or a fun movie.

  6. Homemade food gift. You can give a food gift without making a whole meal such as baking a batch of cookies or making salad dressings or jams from scratch. Consider personalizing the gift with a Mother's Day label on a jar or a handmade card.

  7. Seeds or starter plants. If Mom likes to garden, skip the fancy Mother's Day bouquet and give her some seeds or starter plants. Bulbs are another easy inexpensive option.


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