How to Stay Fashionable with a Small Budget

Money may be tight, but there’s no reason why you can’t still look fabulous. The key to looking great on a small budget is knowing where to shop, what to buy and how to snag a bargain. You can look stylish on any budget if you follow these simple tips.

Stay Fashionable with a Small Budget

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Follow these Simple Tips to Look Stylish on any Budget

Where to Shop

  • There’s no reason to pay full price for designer duds when you have resale shops to visit. Many cities have upscale consignment or resale shops that sell gently used designer label clothing. The clothes must be in excellent condition in order to be accepted by the shops, so you are guaranteed to get great looking clothes at a fraction of the original price.
  • Consider selling your own gently used clothing to the shop to free up even more money for your new clothes.
  • There are also some great bargains to be had online. Search for ‘designer consignment online’ and you’ll find several great options to choose from.

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What to Buy

  • When money is short, you need to know what to buy and what to pass up on. Consider what styles you like and pick a few key pieces that you’d like to have in your wardrobe.
  • Can’t afford the current designer trends? Grab a copycat piece off the rack at your local department store. Some designers even do cheaper versions of their most popular pieces and sell them at stores like Target, Kmart and H&M. These items are just as gorgeous as their designer counterparts but cost up to hundreds of dollars less.

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Snag a Bargain

  • Never pay full retail if at all possible. Take advantage of sales, especially at the end of the season clearance, because some pieces simply never go out of fashion. Buy those expensive leather boots at the end of the winter season when they are likely to be marked down by as much as 90%.
  • If you do have to pay full price, only do so for items that you will get many years of wear out of.

Always ask salespeople if the item is likely to be on sale in the future, or else you can reach out to CashOne for a short term loan help! Stay Fashionable with a Small Budget


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