How Social Media Helps in Your Job Search

Job hunting can be daunting with more people chasing fewer sources of employment. There's never been a better time to get clever with it and use what you have at your fingertip. Your social media accounts, if used wisely can help you get ahead of the game and find a job.Job Search On Social Media Sites Follow some of these tips and give yourself the best chance of success:
  • Sign up. You probably already have a Facebook page but if you're not on Twitter and also Linked In, which is geared towards professional networking then you're missing out. Make accounts, follow companies that you're interested in and start connecting with people in the industries in which you wish to work.
  • Your online presence. Your outlook to the outside world does matter these days. Before you start your social media job hunt clean up your profiles. Too many party animal photographs? Untag yourself and alter your security settings so that no one can tag you in photographs in future. Do you express political or religious views frequently? Delete your posts and be as neutral as possible.
  • Be careful what you share. You may think that picture or inspiring message is worthy of a wider audience but have you checked the provenance? It may be that the group or individual you've shared it from has associations or views that might be professionally damaging to you.
  • Broadcast. Once you've cleaned up your profiles, and are happy that a potential employer won't be put off by anything they find, let the world know that you're job hunting. Be prepared to delete the odd sarcastic comment by friends on any status updates you might make; in fact, you may find yourself monitoring your social media accounts even more frequently than usual.
  • Online social activities. Like Pages, follow businesses and connect with companies. Most companies that you may be interested in working for will have social media accounts. Track them down and connect with them. Don't be afraid to express interest but do your research first for the company. Job offers can come from the most unexpected quarters.

Robin Williams

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