Holiday Shipping Deadlines: Ensure Your Gifts Arrive On-Time

The holiday season can be incredibly stressful for the average person. Even though the holidays are supposed to be a fun time to remember what you’re thankful for and to spend a few days off with friends, family and loved ones, the responsibilities put on most people can create quite a few headaches.

For most people, the stress of the holiday season comes with the fact that you have to buy gifts for everybody on your list. If you’re like many people, that list could easily be 20 people deep, and that can mean spending a whole lot of money.

Holiday Gifts

The other problem with holiday shopping is making sure your gifts will get out on time if your friends and family don’t live in the same place or you won’t be seeing them over the holiday season. While mailing gifts is just part of the season for most people, it’s still difficult to know when you need to get your gifts mailed by, and when the need to go out to keep from disappointing people – especially the young kids on your list.

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Use this guide to help you figure out how to get your gifts to their destination on time and in one piece.

  • Mail Early

    The holidays fall over the coldest part of the winter and that can easily mean major delays when it comes to shipping packages full of gifts. Even if you mail your gifts out early enough to arrive, they may not get there by the day you intend.

    The best thing you that you can do to make sure your gifts arrive on time is to mail your gifts about 10 business days before you want them to arrive. Doing that will also save you a lot of money on shipping, since you can choose a standard ground option.

    However, if you can’t get your gifts ready in time to mail them 10 business days before the holiday, what you can do is to choose a faster shipping option. Still, you do need to allow an extra cushion to compensate for bad winter weather.

    For two-day shipping, you should try to mail your gift five days in advance. One day shipping really requires two to three days, but you should avoid this option if possible since it’s going to be so expensive.

    Mail your gifts early and you’ll reduce a lot of stress and save yourself a lot of money.

Holiday Gifts

  • Wrap It UpGifts on Holidays

    Mailing gifts on time is a big part of reducing holiday stress. However, making sure that your gifts don’t break is a pretty important part of the gift-giving season. While you can’t ensure fragile gifts won’t arrive unbroken, there are some important steps you can take.

    Your best bet is to wrap fragile items in heavy-duty bubble wrap. To keep even the most delicate items safe, try to double wrap each gift and cover any corners very well. That will keep the gifts from being damaged if they’re bumped in the box.

    Another ideal thing you can do to keep fragile gifts safe, is to use cardboard to separate them from others in the box and make sure they don’t move around a lot. Corrugated cardboard from other boxes that aren’t fit for shipping can work very well for this.

    If you don’t have corrugated cardboard at your disposal, you can also use newspaper to cushion potential impacts.

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  • Mark Boxes Clearly

    Since the holidays fall over the cold winter season, making sure the boxes you’re sending out as gifts are easy to identify is of the utmost importance. If you use any old labeling system your packages may not end up getting to their destination. They may not even get returned to you if they’re unreadable!

    To make sure your holiday gift boxes arrive at the right destination on time, make sure you put the shipping address on them in large block letters with a waterproof marker. Once you put the address on the box with a waterproof marker, take some solid packing tape that is clear and go over the lettering to cover it even further. That way the letting won’t smudge, and your gifts will get to their destination safely.

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