Glamorous Costumes for Women This Halloween

While many people are only interested in scary Halloween costumes, many women also like to incorporate a glamorous element into their ensembles. If you're looking for something scary that is still cute, the following ideas will get you started:

Glamorous costumes for women for Halloween

Maleficent Keep up with the latest Disney flicks and dress up as one of Disney's most evil witches yet: Maleficent. You'll get to wear a sweeping black christening gown that accentuates your figure while putting a little bit of fear into everyone you encounter.

Sexy Pirate Costume

Sexy pirate As pirates are all the rage these days, you won't have any trouble finding inspiration for sexy pirate costumes. Look for low-cut, short dresses with tight bodices and lots of ruffles. Of course you'll need some sort of hat or bandanna and a few accessories. A sword is a natural choice. You may want to carry a whip as well. Don't forget to add decadent jewelry pieces and to wear dark eyeliner.

Ringmaster All of the guys will want to join your circus when you're leading it with tight black shorts, tall boots, a top hat, and a fitted red jacket or vest. Look for pieces in metallic colors or that boast metallic accents, such as gold boots or a jacket with a silver collar and pockets.

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Flapper Nothing says glamorous quite like a flapper girl. If you enjoy vintage Halloween costumes, this is a great option. Scour your favorite thrift shops for the perfect little flapper dress. You won't have any problem finding resources online for jewelry and hair accessories. Finish the ensemble with classic pumps in nude or another neutral shade.

Katy Perry in the “Roar” video In her “Roar” video, Katy Perry channels rain forest wilderness chick at its best with a leopard print bikini and a fake leaves skirt. Leave your hair down, teasing it a little to give it a wild aesthetic. If you want to wear a hair accessory, look for a simple flowered crown. You can even make your own. Simple strappy sandals will complete the look.



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