Emergency Financing: Can I Really Get a Payday Loan on the Weekend?

Financial emergencies spell a quick need for the funds, and it's hard to wait until the weekend is over. Read on to learn whether you can really get online payday loans even on weekends.

Weekend payday loan

Can I Really Get a Payday Loan on the Weekend?

Possibly. If you want to get the cash you need on a weekend, you’ll need to go straight to an in-store lender near you, but even many of these cannot provide you cash the same day. Learn about short-term loans in your city to see if there are any locations near you. In the few states that allow them, you can get same day cash by getting an auto title loan, but your car is collateral, so if you miss a payment they repo your car. This is generally not a risk most people want to take.

If you apply through an online lender or referral site like Cashone.com, you may be able to get your loan request approved in seconds after you complete your application, but the cash won’t be in your bank account until the next business day. So, no weekends or holidays for depositing your cash – your bank is closed so they can’t do it.

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What Should You Do When in Need of a Weekend Online Payday Loan?

If you’re in need of emergency weekend cash, and you don’t get the cash via an online payday loan. You may consider some of these options:

A debit card loan. You might consider a lender who offers short-term loans on a prepaid debit card. If you already have an eligible debit card, you could receive funds faster than with a transfer to your bank account as is done with online payday loans.

A storefront short-term lender. A few lenders who have storefronts can accept applications and pay out approved loan funds right after approval. If you can find a lender near you who is open on the weekend, you can call and see if this is an option. Don’t waste time driving there only to find out they can’t do it, call and ask.

Check Your State Website for More Information on Payday Loans Online

Of course, if you wait until Monday (if it is not a holiday like Labor Day), then payday loans online are a very good option. You can apply from your smartphone and get an answer in a few minutes and your cash the next day. Loan amounts and terms and conditions vary by state as well as by lender. You can always check your state website for more information about your state.

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Weekend payday loan


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