Career Tests that May Help You Find Your Optimal Career Path

There are many career tests you can take, many of them online, and most of them have a free version (although sometimes these are shortened versions). You can learn a lot about yourself and what the next career steps are for you by taking a couple of them.

Career Quizzes

So we put together a list of 9 quizzes that may help you discover your optimal career path or at least your strengths and weaknesses. The list below is in alphabetical order, and we are not recommending one over the other.

Big Five Personality Test (available online)

The Big Five test focuses on your relationships with others. It can help you understand if you are extroverted, how you manage stress, and whether you are disciplined or not. Learning more about yourself can help you learn how to best work with others as well as possible career paths.

Career Strengths Test (available online)

This test was developed by the Johnson O’Connor Research Foundation for Oprah Winfrey. It’s designed to test your aptitude in 5 different skill sets. Some of these include how you organize concepts, structural visualization, numerical and inductive reasoning. The skill measurements are then aligned with certain disciplines and also industries that typically require skill in the areas you test strongly for.

CareerTest (available online)

Career Test is built with 2020 jobs in mind for today’s job market. The test evaluates your career style, what you enjoy doing, activities you avoid, personal values, your tolerance for stress, and other factors. Personality, interests, and aptitudes are tested. Other factors considered include your salary, competitive levels, and factors that would provide career satisfaction to you.

(MAPP) Motivational Appraisal of Personal Potential Assessment Test

The MAPP test tries to give you a good idea of your career options by providing you with your top 10 vocational areas. The analysis provides a list of potential career choices as well as how these might fit you in the workplace. This is a very popular test, with more than 8 million people have participated in taking it.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (available online)

The Meyers-Briggs test has been around for decades and is one of the oldest tests of its kind. Like MAPP, it has been updated frequently over the years and has been taken by millions of people. It looks at psychological patterns like how people perceive the world around them. It helps you understand the ways you like to communicate, the kind of structure you may perform best in, and how you go about making decisions. The test can define potential careers where you might do well and whether you would do best in a structured environment or a more flexible work arrangement.

O-Net Interest Profiler

This test helps you find out what your main interests are and how they relate to the workplace. It is perfect for those just starting out or the ones who are in the early phase of their careers.

Princeton Review (available online)

This test estimates your personal interests and the behavioral style you are most comfortable using.


This test is different; it uses neuroscience games to discover your personality as well as your strengths and weaknesses. These 'behavior' games collect valuable information about you and are often used as part of the hiring process in some companies.

Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator (available online)

The RHETI test is split into 8 personality types: the peacemaker, the achiever, the helper, the challenger, the individualist, the investigator, the enthusiast, and the reformer. Determining the personality type you are can help to guide you toward a rewarding career path. It can also help you figure out how to relate to others more effectively.

There are more tests out there, but this is a very good starting point if you are looking to assess your strengths and weaknesses, interests as they relate to your career or even your next career step. No need to be stuck in a career you dread every day you go to work. Do something you love!

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