Buying Gifts for Father’s Day? 3 Rules You Need to Follow

Father’s Day is almost here, and you have planned to give Dad something wonderful that he will love. But, will he really love it or just pretend again?

Fathers do love to be acknowledged, especially when their kids go out of their way to do something special. An obligatory gift, like a tie, does not qualify as a special acknowledgement, though. Your father does not want you to spend money on something that is unnecessary.

Father's Day

If you want to get your dad something special that he will really appreciate, you should follow these 3 rules:

Rule # 1: Simplicity Is Best

Based on a survey, what fathers really want for Father’s Day is not a big celebration or a lot of extra attention. Like mothers on Mother’s Day, they really just want to spend time with their kids and have fun, especially as their kids get older.

One research study found that 94% of American dads find the family to be a higher priority than work. Of those same fathers, about three-fourths organize their daily schedules to maximize how much time they get to spend with their families. A gift is nice, but it isn’t the high point of the day.

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Rule # 2: Show Him What You’ve Learned about Money

Don’t buy something just to be able to give him a present. Odds are that will be a waste of your money. Fathers like to know that they have instilled some good principles in their children. You can make this evident in the gifts you get them.

If you spend your money wisely, you will not only make your father happy because of the gift, but also make him proud of the fact that you have taken inspiration from him to make wise financial decisions.

Rule # 3: Put Thought into the Gift

Consider what your Dad finds useful and would love to get. Think about his favorite stuff, and what he really likes. It is actually really easy to tell when you buy something at checkout.

What fathers usually want is for you to pay for a nice meal or tickets to do something as a family. For younger kids, dads are more than happy with a card and a day out together.

What have you planned to give Dad this Father’s day? Do you think it follows the 3 rules Dad wants you to know? Please share your gift ideas!

All Dads over there, did it miss any rule that you would want your kids to follow? Let them know by leaving comment below!

Happy Father’s Day!


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