The Best Easter Celebrations Across Countries

Easter is right around the corner. Many people across the world gather to celebrate the resurrection of Christ. From hunting for Easter eggs, to eating chocolate bunnies, to flying kites, different cultures and sects of Christianity have unique ways of celebrating the Easter holiday. The following details just a few of the most interesting global Easter traditions across countries.

Easter Celebration

Bermuda The Good Friday traditions in Bermuda include eating codfish cakes, hot cross buns, and flying homemade kites. The kite tradition began when a local teacher used a kite to illustrate Christ's Ascension into Heaven to his Sunday school class who was having trouble understanding the concept. Bermudians make their kites out of colorful tissue paper, wood, metal, and string.

Haiti In Haiti, the locals celebrate Easter with a combination of Catholic and Voodoo traditions. The week-long celebration features vivid parades and traditional “rara” music played on drums, bamboo trumpets, maracas, and even coffee cans. They accompany the music with chanting and animal sacrifices.

Norway Norwegians refer to the Easter season as Easter-Crime or Paaskekrim. During this time, it’s common for people to watch crime detective series on TV and read mystery books. From Good Friday to the Tuesday after Easter Monday, many residents head to the mountains for a ski vacation.

Sweden Easter is primarily a secular holiday in Sweden. People often eat herring, eggs, creamy potatoes, onion, and a pickled sardine dish called Jansson's Temptation. In the days leading up to Easter Sunday, kids wear old, worn clothes to portray Easter witches. Once dressed up, they travel from house to house in their neighborhoods and exchange artwork for candy.

Northwestern Europe One of the most common Easter traditions in much of northwestern Europe is an Easter Fire. This pre-Christian rite comes from the Saxons who believed that spring was the time in which summer was winning in the never ending fight against winter. The flames banish the cold and darkness, while the ashes are used to fertilize the soil.

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