Bad Credit Payday Loans Guaranteed Approval from Direct Lenders

There are times when, like most Americans, you also need money right away and don’t have it. We understand this, and there is help available, even if you have bad credit. Many people don’t want to ask friends or family and don’t have a credit card, which they can use on short notice. There are bad credit payday loans with guaranteed approval out there.

Bad Credit Payday Loans Guaranteed Approval from Direct Lenders

Bad Credit Payday Loans with Guaranteed Approval

However, ignore the word ‘guaranteed,’ as NO legitimate lender will guarantee you a loan. The idea of guaranteed approval payday loans for bad credit is to assure you that there is a strong possibility of you getting approved for a loan. So, don’t panic. Like millions before you, you also are facing some financial difficulties but can get through them.

Bad credit payday loans guaranteed approval from direct lenders can be gotten. The process is simple, secure, and fast too. If you complete a short form (less than a page) in 2-3 minutes, your loan request will be in front of more than 120 direct payday lenders in an instant, and you will get an answer in 90 seconds or less. So not even 5 minutes in total. Whereas, it takes much longer than that to get in your car and start driving around looking for a storefront of 1 lender, not 100+.

So, bad credit payday loans with guaranteed approval are for…

  • Emergency, urgent cash needs like medical bills, auto repairs, utility bills, etc.
  • Anyone who needs money fast
  • Immediate cash right in your personal checking account
  • Anyone who wants easy, secure service right from their smartphone


Do guaranteed approval payday loans for people with bad credit even exist?

When someone says bad credit payday loans with guaranteed approval, it can mislead you into thinking 100% of applicants are approved. This is not true. A large percentage of applicants are approved, as bad credit is a common factor with those seeking payday loans online. However, some people will still not qualify. The biggest reasons are 1) they recently defaulted on a payday loan 2) they have no current job or income, which is the number one factor in obtaining approval.

Our lenders provide online payday loans but cannot guarantee approval.

How to improve your odds of getting a bad credit guaranteed approval payday loan?

If you have a steady income of $1,000 or more per month and have been in your job for 3 or more months, there is a good chance you will be approved for a loan. Also, be accurate and truthful when completing your application. Any false or misleading data will lead to automatic rejection. Bad credit is not why you will be declined in most cases.

How can I get a bad credit payday loan with guaranteed approval?

Grab your smartphone, complete the online payday loan application, hit submit, and get results in 90 seconds or less. If approved, a lender contacts you directly in 15-30 seconds. The whole process can take as little as 5 minutes. Of course, once talking with your direct lender, you may have questions, as will they, so allow another 15 minutes or so once you are on the phone with your lender.

How much interest will I pay for a bad credit guaranteed approval payday loan?

Bad credit payday loans guaranteed approval with direct lenders are fee-based. That means you pay a set fee per $100 that is loaned to you. These fees vary both by the lender and, most importantly, by state law. Every state has different laws, so there is no 'one size fits all' rule.

However, generally, you can assume that your fee will be from $10 to $30 per $100 loaned to you. So, for example, in some states, that might be $20/$100 loaned, and a $300 loan would then have fees of $60.

Interest or APR can be calculated, but these are not annual loans or even 6-month loans. They are for one month or less in time and totally fee-based, so you know exactly what you are going to repay when the loan is due. Calculating your APR is a waste of time. Just be sure you can repay your loan with its fees on the due date. You don’t want to delay your payment as you will likely be subject to additional fees and this can be quite expensive.

How quickly do I get my guaranteed approval payday loan with bad credit?

Guaranteed approval payday loans with bad credit are normally funded (deposited into your checking account) in one (1) business day. A business day excludes holidays and weekends. If you apply very early in the day and are approved, you may receive your cash later that day. Ask your lender if this is possible, as every case is different.

Which company is the best for bad credit payday loans guaranteed approval?

CashOne is a leader in helping people across America get bad credit payday loans with guaranteed approval. Having served more than 500,000 people, we refer your request to more than 120 lenders who are ready to loan cash right now. Why go anywhere else?

In need of emergency cash? Apply online for a bad credit payday loan guaranteed approval with CashOne today!



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