How to Accumulate Extra Reward Points by Purchasing Gift Cards

Retailers offer reward points as incentives to keep you coming back. The best way to keep their business is to offer you some type of perk that can be used for future purchases. They also offer gift cards. By purchasing gift cards, you can rack up points or rewards that you can use whenever the need arises.

earn extra reward points by purchasing gift cards

Buying Cards for Personal Use

One of the most efficient ways to use gift cards is to buy them for yourself. Not only do you gain the points associated with the purchase, you still have the money at your disposal to use in the future. Cards can be purchased from a wide variety of retailers, many of which carry cards from other retailers. You can buy cards from the stores you frequent the most, collect the points and go shopping at a later date.

Choose Retail Gift Cards

There are big differences between retail cards and generic cards. A generic gift card can be used at almost any store but can be costly. Most generic cards require an activation fee and will often charge a fee for each transaction. Retail cards, on the other hand, don't cost anything to open. They are only good for the store that sponsors them, but if you only by cards for the stores you frequent then your savings are guaranteed.

Accumulate Extra Reward Points by Purchasing Gift Cards

Reselling Gift Cards

Reselling gift cards has become a worthwhile hobby for people who have learned how to buy and sell them effectively. This takes some skill and is only lucrative if you learn how to do it without accumulating any credit card debt. Buying cards from the right cards will earn you points and will also help you to obtain rewards when purchased with certain credit cards.

Choosing the right gift card can earn you rewards and points that you can use to save money on other purchases. If you play your cards right, you can actually make a little money too. Whether you buy the cards for yourself or to give away as gifts, you can benefit from the purchase if you understand how the gift card concept works. Talk to people who use them on a regular basis to find out if you could benefit from using them as well.


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