8 Unique Gifts for Business Women

Looking for the right gift for the busy career-minded business woman in your life? Here are eight thoughtful gifts that she will surely love and be able to use everyday while she's on the go:

  1. Business bag or tote. She'll need to be able to carry all of her essential supplies to and from the office. Why not get her a brand new business bag or tote that's stylish but also means business?

  2. Business Woman
  3. Magazine subscriptions. There is a wealth of knowledge out there that she might not be tapping into, which is why a subscription to either Forbes Magazine, Entrepreneur, Inc. or other business related magazine is a great gift idea.

  4. A new e-reader or tablet. Doing business on the go has become an essential skill for any business person. There are many e-readers and tablets on the market right now that cater to the travelling professional.

  5. The gift basket of brand new office supplies. Does the business woman in your life go through lots of paper, pens, pencils and other office supplies? Then putting together a gift basket might just be the right gift for her.

  6. A portable label maker. Most business-minded women like to stay organized. A great way to do that is with a mobile or portable label maker. These can be found in just about any office supply store.

  7. Small external hard drive. In today’s day and age, having files, photos and other forms of digital data is commonplace, especially for business professionals. Getting her a small but sturdy external hard drive can be the perfect gift that she'll really use.

  8. Updated computer software. Get her a copy of Photoshop or some other important piece of software so she doesn't have to update it herself!

  9. Self-help business related books. Instead of magazine subscriptions, there are also helpful business books you can purchase for the business woman in your life.

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Robin Williams

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