8 Budget Friendly Vacation Spots You Must Visit in 2017

The world is full of lovely destinations that you wish to visit. But before planning a vacation, you have to consider your budget and choose such destinations which are easy on your pocket, because traveling to every destination isn't cheap enough. There are many things that may end up increasing the budget you expected.

Vacation Spots You Must Visit

Here is the list of some of the best budget-friendly exotic destinations that you must plan to visit with your family or friends this year:

  1. Lisbon Portugal - Vacation Spot

    Lisbon, Portugal This is one of the best places if you are planning for a budget-friendly vacation. From different types of museums, historic buildings, to wide-ranging music and lively nightlife, it offers a lot to explore in ways cheaper than any other part of Western Europe. This would probably be the best destination if budget is your concern.

  2. Laos - Vacation Spot

    Luang Prabang, Laos Luang Prabang is one of the most amazing cities of Laos. Located in Southeast Asia, it's known for its mountain kingdoms and ultimate natural beauty. It'll leave you mesmerized with its diversified natural landscape and a slow, rustic lifestyle. This place is undoubtedly more than the value for money you'll have to spend here.

  3. South Africa - Vacation Spot

    Cape Point, South Africa Cape Point is in the southern west part of the country. It can be easily reached from Cape Town by bus. It's the home for African penguin at Boulder Beach. Taking a tour bus for the full day would be a great idea as it would cost you approximately $35. Touring this place should be on your priority list this year.

  4. Greece - Vacation Spot

    Crete, Greece Crete is the largest island in Greece. The economic crisis of the country has made it suitable for budget friendly vacation. In addition, visiting Crete will also help residents by stimulating the local economy. There are lots of low-cost lodging options available. And it's a great choice if you are looking to party in a low budget.

  5. Australia - Vacation Spot

    Burleigh Heads, Queensland, Australia 2017 is the time when you can think of Australia as a budget-friendly destination. It didn't look better than this for travelers at any time in previous years. Burleigh is a small beachside town but you'll get to experience all of Australia there. It has a lot to offer: - beautiful beaches, national parks, hinterlands and many such beautiful budget friendly places. So, it's time to visit Australia this year!

  6. Georgia - Vacation Spot

    Tbilisi, Georgia The Czech Republic or Poland are some places that are considered when you talk about budget-friendly destinations in Europe. But, Georgia is one of the famous destinations for all those in search of ancient architecture, historical monuments, different flavors of food and a balanced lifestyle of urbanization. Tbilisi will offer you all that you want on a vacation and that too at a very affordable price.

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  7. Belize - Vacation Spot

    Hopkins, Belize Hopkins is a small, heavenly city. It's located in eastern part of Belize in Central America. It's 240 miles of coastlines, with natural and rough beaches and an ultimate Caribbean shoreline will leave you mesmerized. Food and accommodation options are available at the lost cost near all the beaches. That way you can have an amazing experience and a peaceful trip.

  8. Egypt - Vacation Spot

    Cairo, Egypt Due to political disorder and fluctuating currency, it's a great option if you are planning a budget trip. With plenty of ancient sights and vintage structures, you'll get unbelievably cheap rates in top-end hotels and touring company. The origin of human civilization offers you a lot at affordable rates.

You should plan to visit these beautiful, yet budget-friendly travel destinations this year. They offer some great ancient, historical, and urban sights that represent marvelous examples of human collaboration with nature. And all of these at an unexpectedly low price!


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