7 Tips to Save Money for Single Fathers

Being a single father is a tough job, and without the income of a second parent, it can also be financially stressful, even if you make decent money at work. If saving money is a priority for you like it is for most single father, use these 7 tips in your day-to-day life.7 tips to save money for single fathers
  1. Have a manly baby shower – even after your baby is born. As a single father, you may not want to have the typical baby shower, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have an event and invite your friends. They’ll bring gifts which will save you money and they’ll get to meet your son or daughter.
  2. Buy certain items like diapers, baby wipes and baby food in bulk from big box stores like Costco or Sam’s Club. You’ll save a lot in the long run on things you use every single day with your child.
  3. Avoid buying clothes when they aren’t on sale. No matter how old your child is they’re going to go quickly when they’re young. You’ll waste a lot of money on clothes if you pay full retail price.
  4. Find or form a group of other single parents where you can trade lightly used items like baby clothes. Babies grow so fast that they hardly get a chance to wear most of their clothes before they are too small.
  5. Ask your child’s pediatrician about coupons for things like child care products. Believe it or not, they’re commonly given these coupons by companies who want to sell products, but many doctors won’t give them out unless asked because they don’t want to seem like salesmen.
  6. Plan fun activities at home at least one weekend a month instead of going out. Taking your kids places like the zoo or to the movies is great, but it adds up fast. Pitch a tent in the backyard and go camping one weekend instead.
  7. Consider daycare instead of a nanny when you can’t be with your child. Daycare services often cost much less and they give kids a chance to socialize early.

Robin Williams

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