7 Cyber Monday Deal Traps You Must Stay Away from

Cyber Monday is the Internet version of Black Friday. It contains all the excitement of great deals, without the crowds and having to deal with nasty weather conditions and traffic. With the excitement, however, it can be easy to fall for "deals" that really aren't deals at all.

Cyber Monday

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This Cyber Monday, avoid the following items in your quest for discounted gifts.

  1. Televisions - While a few lower end televisions will be on sale, most deals are basically designed as a way to draw customers in. The best deals are normally limited to one or two of each item. Wait until after Christmas and you are bound to find better deals.

  2. Furniture - This is one item that is normally overlooked every year. You won't find many, if any, great deals here. So avoid spending a lot here.

  3. Linens - Traditionally, linens tend to go on sale in January. Unless a purchase is absolutely necessary, avoid buying linens and other household items until the start of the New Year.

  4. Laptops/Computers - These items are more likely to reach their lowest prices the week before and the week after Christmas. You may find one or two great deals, but the majority of sales won't amount to a major holiday discount.

  5. Newly-Developed High-End Tech - Any game system and other high-end system will be at regular price. Companies will be relying on the newness of the product and will be aiming to make as much money as possible on these products. So review before you buy.

  6. Jewelry - While the reason is unknown, jewelry has a long history of staying full price throughout the holiday season. It is better to wait until closer to Valentine's Day for discounts on jewelry.

  7. Travel - Airplane, train and bus tickets actually go up in price around the holiday. With more people travelling to visit family, transportation providers take advantage of the increase. Hence, skip these if you are not getting good bargains.

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