5 Gifts Grandparents Will Adore

Grandparents are going to love pretty much any gift that comes from their grandchildren. However, there are some special gifts that grandparents will enjoy and use for years to come. If you aren't sure what to get a grandparent, these five gifts will be greatly appreciated and cherished for years to come.

Gifts grandparents will adore
  1. Photo Books

    Photo books with pictures of grandchildren, special events and birthday or holiday celebrations make perfect gifts for grandparents. These gifts are particularly special for grandparents in this digital age, as many may not have an enjoyable way to access recent photos. Companies like Snapfish.com provide these services online, but there are local stores in most areas that will print photo books for gifts as well.

  2. Personalized T-Shirts

    Like those photo books, grandparents really adore pictures of their kids – especially when they're printed in novel ways. A t-shirt printed with a picture of grandchildren is definitely going to be a favorite of any grandparent, and it will probably get worn more than you think. Finding online printers for custom t-shirts isn't difficult, and there are many local print shops that will silk-screen t-shirts for you for you a nominal cost.

  3. Framed Photos

    Nothing is simpler than a framed photo, but it's a gift that grandparents will display proudly in their homes for many years. Choose pictures of grandkids or pictures of the whole family together. For a special gift, have the picture enlarged and framed by a local print shop.

  4. Homemade Picture Frames

    Instead of giving grandparents a store-bought picture frame, give one made by their grandkids. You can find picture frames that can be painted and drawn on at home, or you can just decorate a pre-made frame using thematic elements. For example, a picture of grandchildren at the beach can be decorated with seashells.

  5. Photo Coffee Mugs

    Everybody uses coffee mugs, and one with a picture of the grandkids will surely be the mug any grandparent reaches for in the morning. A variety of print shops can make special coffee mugs and they can be ordered online as well.


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