40 Best U.S. Retirement Cities

Retirement can be synonymous with relaxation and exploration, but ultimately it is a time in life when an individual stops working completely.

In this phase of life one might consider moving to a more peaceful place with excellent weather conditions along with rich cultural heritage and lower living costs.

40 Best Retirement cities in US

Here are the top 40 places in the U.S. for retirement:

  1. Abilene, Texas – This city is 17% cheaper than the national average. Excellent weather with ample social and recreational opportunities to keep the retired community busy throughout the year.

  2. Apache Junction, Arizona – The living cost is 6% lower than the national average. Lowe taxes with median home price of $129,000. Crime rate is low and climate is warm.

  3. Arlington, Virginia – Arlington has lower crime rate and very well organized public transportation. You do not need a car to commute.

  4. Athens, Georgia - The living cost is 1% lower than the national average. Additionally, there are lower taxes with the median home price of $145,000. Low crime rate with extremely high Milken aging rank and walkability index. Great weather and tax climate.

  5. Austin, Texas – This city offers ample opportunities to keep people busy. Best for those retirees who love to go outdoors.

    Austin, Texas, US
  6. Beaufort, South Carolina – An old river town, and a popular destination for retirees. One can indulge in plenty of golfing and fishing during the mild winters and hot summers.

  7. Blacksburg, Virginia – This city has got nice weather. Median home price is $230,000. Low crime rates and living cost is 2% above national average. Tax conditions are good, and doctors are highly ranked.

  8. Bluffton, South Carolina – A really nice place for retirees. Climate is warm with good air quality. Median home price is $226,000. Crime rate is low.

  9. Boise, Idaho - It’s a great place for those retirees who want to keep themselves fit. The crime rates are low and walking paths are good.

    Boise Idaho
  10. Brevard, North Carolina – This city offers good air and weather quality. Crime rates are low. Offers median houses price at $206,000.

  11. Cambridge, Massachusetts - Some of the best healthcare facilities are available in this area. Massachusetts has the largest teaching hospital for Harvard Medical School which has deployed specialists in more than 60 areas of healthcare. Cambridge is great for walking. Cambridge has a slightly higher cost of living, however.

  12. Cape Coral, Florida – Retirees in this city can divide their time between sunbathing, fishing and golfing which are some of the most popular activities. Cape Coral-Fort Myers area in this region has ranked as one of the highest well-being score according to Healthways.

  13. Carlsbad, California – Carlsbad offers great housing options for retirees. The housing option includes retirement communities and sea view. Additionally, the crime rate is very low. The Tri-City Medical Center near sea side provides specialized services in cardiovascular and orthopedic care.

  14. Charlotte, North Carolina - This city is best suited to those retirees who want an urban lifestyle. The cost of living is 4% below the national average and offers a median house price of 193,000. The urban area includes Center City and South End neighborhood. Buses and light rails are available for people to commute.

  15. Colorado Springs, Colorado - This location is ideal for retirees who love outdoor activities. Hiking, biking, and whitewater rafting are some of the popular activities. The healthcare system is also very nice.

    Colorado Spring, Colorado
  16. Columbia, Missouri – Columbia has a sound economy and the cost of living is 5% below the national average. Average house price is $171,000. Scores high in Milken aging rank. Abundant doctors per capita with bicycle-friendly environment.

  17. Corvallis, Oregon - Best features worth considering for retirees include strong economy, low serious crime rate and good air quality. Moderate climate and walking environment. Scores high on Milken Aging index.

  18. Denver, Colorado – The cost of living is high compared to the national average, however the crime rate is low; walkability is great with nice weather conditions. According to the Tax Foundation the tax is lower than the national average.

  19. Des Moines, Iowa – Iowa has America’s sixth best healthcare system as per Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. A great place for outdoor activities with more than 600 miles of trails. The living cost is low.

    Des Moines, Iowa
  20. Fargo, North Dakota – The economy is good and living cost is 2% lower than the national average and offers median home price of $192,000. Scores high on the Milken Aging index and offers abundant volunteering activities. The quality of air is good. Moderately walkable.

  21. Franklin, Tennessee – Prices are reasonable in Franklin, and there is no state income tax in Tennessee. According to the Tax Foundation, Tennessee has the sixth lowest tax rate in the U.S. A good choice for retirees.

  22. Largo, Florida – The quality of air is good and the climate is warm. The economy is strong and the cost of living is 13% below national average. Median home price $150,000. The climate is warm and the quality of air is good. Above average doctors per capita and the city is quite walkable.

  23. Lexington, Kentucky – Lexington has a strong economy with cost of living 5% less than U.S. average. Home prices are reasonable at $152,000. Climate is moderate. Numerous physicians per capita. Friendly walking environment and crime rates are low.

  24. Lincoln, Nebraska - In Lincoln, the cost of living is 10% below national average and the average home price is very reasonable at $158,000. The quality of air is above average. It scores high in Milken aging rank. The crime rate is low and the economy is fine.

    lincoln, Nebraska
  25. Mesa (metro Phoenix), Arizona - The cost of living in Mesa is low and according to Tax Foundation Arizona has low tax burden.

  26. Mount Airy, North Carolina - The cost of living in Mount Airy is 8% lower than the national average. The average home cost is $126,000. Doctors are above average per capita, and it is a very nice place for walking.

  27. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina – Some of the key attractions of this place include an unknown sandy beach spread across a vast area as well as good shopping malls and restaurants. Apart from this, the cost of living is low, good theaters and medical care options, as well as some great golf courses.

  28. Palm springs, California – Palm Springs in California has got beautiful landscapes and a rich cultural heritage. Its beautiful ranks it among the world’s most famous retirement communities.

  29. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - It is a good place for retirees as the living costs are 16% lower than national average, cheaper homes at median $140,000. There are high doctors per capita and a high score in Milken aging rank. Pittsburg is a good place for bicycling and walking. There is plenty of volunteer activity for retirees.

    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  30. Portland, Oregon – According to the World Health Organization Portland is one of the most age friendly cities. Efforts are on to make it an excellent place to grow old. Great options for theatre and music lovers. Summertime Blues Festival is a big draw.

  31. Prescott, Arizona – Prescott is located at Northern Arizona. During summer the weather is cool, and overall is a great fit those who do not like extreme temperatures. Cheaper houses, strong economy and rich history make it an ideal place for retirees.

  32. Rochester, Minnesota – Rochester score high on Milken aging rank. Its current rank is 7 among small metropolitan areas. It has excellent healthcare facilities with good doctors and abundant hospitals all around. Special care is taken for Alzheimer’s patients.

  33. Salt Lake City, Utah – The weather is quite extreme. The weather can be quite hot during summers and cold during winters, but apart from this, the economy is strong; plenty of volunteer opportunities and above average doctors per capita.

  34. Santa Fe, New Mexico – An ideal place for those who like good food and sun light. Santa Fe has maximum number of sunny days throughout the year, i.e. 283. There are 12 museums, 250 art galleries and plenty of theatre activities which make it an entertainment and art hub.

  35. Sarasota, Florida - Sarasota is known for white-sand beaches. It has beautiful landscapes and wildlife options at local parks. Other popular activities include visiting the art museums.

    Sarasota, Florida
  36. St. Augustine, Florida – The weather is warm and plenty of options for tourism. Great place for those who love to volunteer.

  37. Traverse City, Michigan – Economy is good and living costs 2% lower than national average. The median home price $166,000. Air quality is good and quite a friendly place for walkers. Crime rate is low and above average doctors per capita.

  38. Tucson, Arizona – Tucson has good scores in happiness surveys. The living costs are modest, and the medium price for a house is $249,959. It places below average tax burden on the retirees.

  39. Venice, Florida – This place could be ideal for those who are slightly older. This place has calmer traffic conditions and prices are less than average. There are plenty of activities to keep one busy like – golf, tennis, park and beaches.

  40. Winchester, Virginia - This city is well suited to those who like smaller towns with big city amenities. The nearby areas are meant for outdoor enthusiasts. People can enjoy kayak or they can do fishing in Shenandoah River or hike in Shenandoah National Park.

The information covered in this post can help the retirees a great deal. Retirees should consider all assets of the above listed, and make a decision based on personal preference.


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