4 Money-Saving Tips for Your Grocery Food Bills

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Grocery Shopping

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When it comes to your weekly grocery bill, the following 4 steps will help you cut costs; saving money that can be used for other bills:

  1. Note Before You Buy When it comes to grocery stores, if you don't use a list for many of your purchases, you could fall prey to impulse buying. Impulse items normally include snacks, candy and other comfort foods that have little nutritional value in comparison to the number of calories they contain.

    Instead of binge buying, create a menu and make a list. While you can still buy comfort foods, you will be less likely to notice them if you have a list to follow.

  2. Buy Store Brands Avoid the expensive brands. If you are buying a big name brand, you are more than likely paying for just that. Popular brand names are often no better than the store brands. The extra cost is rarely worth it when you consider that both big brands and store brands are often the same quality and similar size.

  3. Make Fewer Trips for Groceries When you plan out your meals, check your cabinets and pantry to make sure you have what you need to make each dish. Create your list according to what you have on hand and what you will need. Always read recipes thoroughly so you have the right amounts as well. Having enough on hand will eliminate the need to go back to the store numerous times.

  4. Buy in Bulk When Possible Buy items in bulk when possible. Buying canned goods and non-perishable food items by the case or in large quantities will often result in a much cheaper price than just buying items one at a time.

    Meats can also be purchased in bulk and the extra can be frozen and saved for later. Online payday loans can be used to buy large quantities of meat if you have the room to freeze it.

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