10 Easy-to-Follow Tips for Better Budgeting

Budgeting your money is the best way to save for that next big purchase or for the vacation you've been planning. It's not a difficult task if you know what you're doing. The following 10 tips will help you create an easy-to-follow budget plan.


  • Use cash! - Cash is easy to use and doesn't have hidden fees like credit/debit cards.

  • Limit ATM use – ATMs charge a fee each time you use them, so make it a point to only go once a week.

  • Keep things simple – Know what you have coming in and what you have going out and budget accordingly. Don't over think things.

  • Find your money drain – Find your one weakness where you always end up spending money and then avoid the temptation.

  • Shop with a buddy – Don't go shopping by yourself; take a friend who can distract you from impulse purchases.

  • Push up the due dates for your bills – Find the due date on each of your bills and move it up a week to 10 days. Your payments will always be early and you will always be a week ahead.

  • Look on the bright side – Look on the bright side. Even if money is tight, at least your bills will be paid on time and you won't be spending money on unnecessary fees and charges.

  • Use a budgeting app – Go online and use a budgeting app that sends you reminders when your bills are about to come due. Make notes about changes in your bills and always include a reminder to put a few dollars in savings every paycheck.

  • Monitor your spending habits – Keep a money journal and monitor your spending habits. Write down every dollar you spend and track your money trail.

  • Budget long-term – Budget for the entire year, instead of the month. It will give you a bigger picture of how you spend (or save) your money. An easy-to-follow budget plan will help you.

Having a budget plan lets you take control of your personal finance. This also lets you plan for life's bigger goals.


Robin Williams

Robin Williams is the General Manager at CashOne, a reputable financial services company that helps consumers tide over their short-term financial crises. Our fast, convenient, and secure online loan application eliminates the unnecessary hassles or time required to procure payday loans online.

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