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Short on cash and still have a long way to go to your next payday? Then solve your problem with a quick online payday advance loan.

short on Cash

Online payday advance loans can be the immediate solution to your cash flow crisis. The best part about online payday advances is that these loans are processed and approved very quickly.

Application takes around 5 minutes and funds can get deposited directly into your bank account depending on the lender. Most lenders have certain prerequisites to qualify for online payday advances.

Generally, you should meet the following requirements:

  • be at least 18 years old and a U.S. citizen
  • be employed and had your current job for at least 90 days
  • net income (after taxes) must be at least $1,200 - $1,400 per month
  • have a checking or savings account at a bank or credit union
  • have a current telephone number and valid email address
Eligibility for Payday Loans in US

Lenders do have different criteria so don’t worry if you do not meet every exact criteria. We connect you with a wide range of lenders who all have different criteria so there is usually someone who wants to lend to you. However, not everyone gets approved.

Sometimes a lender or lenders may have tighter criteria because they have a lot of applicants. This can change week-to-week and even day-to-day. So if your application was rejected on the weekend sometimes if you re-enter it on a Tuesday it will be approved. Why? Not all lenders do loans on the weekend. You may have just been unlucky and missed the one who wants to lend to you.

However, do not enter multiple applications on the same day or go to another website after entering your application at CashOne. Most lenders know you have done this and AUTOMATICALLY disqualify you for a loan… even though everything on your application is fine. Be wise, enter your app here and let our over 100 lenders compete for your online payday advance loan.

Apply now and see if you qualify...