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Compare Payday Loans

There is a difference between CashOne and most of our online competitors! We have a large number of quality lenders and do everything we can to submit your application to these lenders for review. Not all applicants will be accepted for a loan.

Our qualified lenders charge you interest for the actual days you borrow. Rates do vary as do additional fees if you miss your payment due date. Depending on how fast you need the money, how much money you need, and how long you borrow, your rates and fees can vary a lot. Be sure to ask your lender the exact charges you will be paying. If a lender cannot tell you this information, do not accept a loan from them.

cash advance interest rates

We comply with the Online Lenders Association best practices and full disclosure is part of this process. Although we represent many lenders, we strive to find the best and only those who also comply with best practices. This enables us to fund a higher percentage of loan applications compared to most online lender matching servcies.

Most online lenders can tell you the APR of your loan but will also tell you the flat fees they will charge for YOUR loan. Fees are easier to understand because APR assumes you will be getting a loan for an annual period which is not the case. All short term payday loans are meant to be paid back quickly and on time to avoid additional fees or charges and, in effect, a higher APR rate. Larger loans, called installment loans, have lower APRs in general and are paid back over a much longer term.

APRs on many payday loans can vary from 200% to over 400%. So, always ask what your fees are in advance and before you agree to accept any loan.

Make sure you understand your lenders finance fees before you borrow!